How remote working is leading to more men in Japan embracing make-up

19/06/2021 Aura

Lipstick, foundation, and concealers have long been pillars of women’s beauty routines. Globally the cosmetics market is projected to be worth more than €629 billion by 2025.

But since the onset of the pandemic, brands and salons in Japan have constituted a marked increase in men looking to use their products and services.

“We have fewer opportunities to meet people under this situation. And I didn’t like myself paying less attention to my appearance,” said Yoshihiro Kamichi, one of the growing number of men who have begun experimenting with makeup.

Kamichi pointed out that spending more time at home means he is looking at himself much more critically in the mirror. He has turned to makeup to make him feel transformed. “Who is this person?” he said. “I was surprised how different I look”.

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