Say goodbye to dry and chapped lips

25/06/2021 Aura

The lips are often the driest part of the face and require more care and attention, Dr. Cai explained.In addition to the cuticle thickness of the lips is only 1/3 of the cheek, there are no sweat glands and sebaceous glands to secrete oil to help prevent the loss of moisture, block ultraviolet light and isolate external stimuli, etc., so the lips are more sensitive and fragile than other skinThe most common problem is dry desquamate, dehydrated labial ministry the transparency of water shortage will make corneous layer is reduced, cause blood cannot give, produce the dark heavy sense on the vision And people care about lip lines, in addition to the associated with the loss of collagen of the dermis, the lack of moisture and dehydration, also can cause temporary let labial ministry microgrooveDr. Cai reminds that adding oil simulates the sebum membrane’s water-locking function, which is particularly key in lip maintenance. Effective vegetable oil extract can be selected to provide both inside and outside moisturizing and repairing effects.

In recent years, the rising trend of lip oil maintenance is more able to fully retain the effective nutritional value of vegetable oil according to the special skin structure of the lip, achieve the triple nourishment purposes of long-term moisturizing, deep nourishing and complete repair, and more comprehensive care for the lips.

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