How does blain imprint make up on the face

01/07/2021 Aura

Because the acne print is mostly red, so we use green makeup before modification emulsion, with a brush gently coated in the acne print, cover.Because acne marks are dark, so we should also choose a concealer slightly darker than the skin tone, also use a brush to gently smear on the acne marks, and then brush from the edge, beat evenly from the outside to the inside, and pay attention to the edge of the surrounding skin tone too natural, and use the pat technique to avoid pushing and rubbing.In order to avoid damaging the concealer with a brush, it is best to use a powder puff or cotton pad to press the way to make up.

6 colors, suitable to cover the black eye, red blain blain, brown spot texture slightly like oil paint, not very thick but enough to cover power and its boxy shape I also like.

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