Makeup tips to make your makeup look more stylish

31/07/2021 Aura

Colour makeup division suggests: with silvery cream makeup eyeliner pen is drawn in the labial peak place of upper lip a small V shape, let the face that does not have makeup almost vivid rise, highlight lovely one side on fashion.

The light is this makeup look the biggest bright spot makes up a part in the eye, draw the outline of the mist shape eye shadow that uses flesh brown first the shadow that gives eye socket depression place, reach above in eye pleat place to use silvery eye shadow powder to hit thinly on.

Make-up division suggests: when shaping skin simple sense, large area uses cheek is red, brush with high light powder finally along cheekbone direction, when facing the light when the face, longitudinal reflected light can elongate the line of face.

If you opt for a shiny silver shadow instead of a relatively low-key silvery gray, remember not to use it on a large area, especially on your entire eyelids, as it can make you look like you have two metallic eyesMake-up division suggests, use a lot of eye shadow with argent key of place of sunken of inner canso, but make sure rear of eye end is empty come out, draw with brush of liquid eyeliner again a complete lower eyeliner, what balance with its phase is labial ministry was wiped the transparent labial colour that contains pearl burnishSilver eyeliner will be the most likely to be used when you apply silver makeup in your daily life, but avoid by all means applying upper and lower eyeliner at the same time. Makeup designers recommend choosing the lower eyelinerFill in the lower lash line with a silver eyeliner. Be careful not to use a silver powder eye shadow. Instead, use a cream or liquid eye shadow pencil to draw smooth lines.

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