The trend of beauty “necessities”(1)

24/08/2021 Aura

Common preservatives:
In order to avoid deterioration of cosmetics during use, which may cause skin irritation and allergies, certain preservatives are usually added to cosmetics. According to my country’s “Hygiene Standards for Cosmetics” issued in 2007, there are 56 preservatives that can be used in cosmetics. Some are preservatives that are allowed to be used in food. The preservatives are safe for the human body at the concentration prescribed by the regulations.

化妆品中常见的成分“扫盲” 第4张

Such as: benzoic acid, has the characteristics of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. In addition to adjusting the pH, it is often used as a preservative in cosmetics.

化妆品中常见的成分“扫盲” 第3张

Triclosan: It is a commonly used preservative and has been safely used in medical, household and personal care fields for more than 30 years. In soaps, hand sanitizers, and body deodorant products, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria, reduce the spread of bacteria, and help reduce body odor. In toothpaste and mouthwash, it can help keep breath fresh

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