The trend of beauty “necessities”(4)

24/08/2021 Aura

From the daily maintenance of the past to the “prescription of the right medicine” for modern beauty and skin care, the arrival of the era of big industry has not only accelerated the pace of manufacturing products, but also made people’s pursuit of beauty and skin care more direct and utilitarian.

Modern beauty and skin care products are mainly aimed at improving and treating human skin problems. “Efficacy” has become a standard for judging good or bad, so that many products are added with antibiotics, chemical agents and hormones, etc., which can have an immediate effect.

The effective ingredients destroy the self-repairing ability of the human skin’s natural defenses, leading to one problem that solves another problem and also arises at the historic moment. More spots). Beauty and skin care have become an endless vicious circle that solves one problem and then solves another problem.

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