What are the hazards of cosmetics with excessive heavy metals(2)

18/09/2021 Aura

  1. Cosmetics can cause allergies and fetal malformations
    A study in 1988 claimed that A acid can reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, enhance skin tissue and delay aging. And so on, but it has always been used as a prescription for acne treatment, and it has a few more selling points overnight.
护肤品里的防腐剂你了解多少? 第3张

Sales volume rose rapidly.
So far, experts are still not sure how A acid works on the skin. But its effect will stimulate the proliferation of epidermal cells, accelerate the metabolism of old cells, and repair collagen. The function that can stretch and thicken the epidermis so that wrinkles do not look obvious does exist.

护肤品里的防腐剂你了解多少? 第4张

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