What are the hazards of cosmetics with excessive heavy metals(3)

18/09/2021 Aura

The use of A acid is cautious in Europe and is listed as a banned drug. The Taiwan Department of Health announced in April 1987 that A acid should not be added to cosmetics and skin care products, otherwise it is illegal.It is a medicine designated by a physician, which means that it cannot be used without authorization unless prescribed by a physician. Currently, the products sold by MLM can be used to remove spots and skin.

护肤品里的防腐剂你了解多少? 第5张

Many people do not understand the reasoning, and they are eager to buy them at a high price of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. After the short-term effect, the follow-up maintenance is neglected, and many people have more serious dark spots than before.

护肤品里的防腐剂你了解多少? 第6张

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