What are the hazards of cosmetics with excessive heavy metals(4)

18/09/2021 Aura

In the past, the company was reported to have been punished by Taiwan Health for selling medicines and cosmetics. The non-heavy penalties and the high profits of MLM, change the brand name and sell it correctly. Poor and pathetic victim, the injury is clearly on his face, but there is no way to ask for compensation. It is not enough to describe that he is crying without tears.

護膚禁忌:揭祕護膚品中的“毀膚”成分 第2張

The skin with acid A will become red, peeling, sensitive, burning, and even tingling. It is a common reaction.
That is because A acid is very sensitive to light, so it is not uncommon for people who do not do a good job of sun protection to have pigmentation and darkening. But long-term use of A acid will make the skin structure loose and fragile, which is what consumers must know.

護膚禁忌:揭祕護膚品中的“毀膚”成分 第3張

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