Precautions for using cosmetics(4)

20/10/2021 Aura

Nowadays, Korean semi-permanent makeup is favored by many young friends, but such a recent quality inspection report is really shocking!
According to the quality sampling inspection report issued by the Korean Consumer Agency a few days ago, among the 25 semi-permanent cosmetic dye products circulating in the Korean market (eyebrow tattoos and eyeliner), 12 products have different levels of heavy metal content exceeding the standard

假冒僞劣化妝品的危害有哪些 劣質化妝品對皮膚的影響 第3張

Among them, the cadmium content of 2 products is The content of arsenic exceeded the standard by 3 times and 5 times respectively, while cadmium and arsenic have been classified as first-level carcinogens.

假冒僞劣化妝品的危害有哪些 劣質化妝品對皮膚的影響 第2張

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