Precautions for using cosmetics(5)

20/10/2021 Aura

In addition, all the sampled products did not conform to the specifications on the outer packaging label, and did not label the product name, composition, production time and other information.These sampled products include the top three branded products by online sales. This shows that the circulation of semi-permanent cosmetic products in South Korea is chaotic, and the illegal production of products and the smuggling of unlicensed products are also frequently seen.


Not long ago, the South Korean police seized a company that smuggled and circulated undocumented semi-permanent cosmetic anesthetics. These products even flowed into some plastic surgery hospitals in Gangnam, South Korea. The products used by some small illegal beauty salons are even more unprotected. They will use chemical pigments and other raw materials and then put them into use. These counterfeit and inferior products will ultimately harm consumers.

晚上睡觉不卸妆会有哪些危害 第2张

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