Preservatives, decolorants, and fragrances in cosmetics should not exceed the standard(1)

12/10/2021 Aura

In summary, there are roughly two aspects: One is the inherent quality of cosmetic raw materials. Preservatives, decolorants, fragrances, sunscreens, perspirants, emulsifiers, hair dyes and some heavy metal substances in cosmetics are directly irritating to varying degrees.


The skin may cause skin allergies; some ingredients in some cosmetics also have photosensitivity. After use, sunlight and ultraviolet radiation cause skin photosensitivity, resulting in skin erythema or pigmentation.On the other hand, the use of expired, contaminated cosmetics, or improper use-such as long-term use of pharmaceutical cosmetics containing steroid hormones, can cause folliculitis, hirsutism, vasodilation, and skin atrophy.

长期化妆对身体有危害吗 第2张

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