Preservatives, decolorants, and fragrances in cosmetics should not exceed the standard(3)

12/10/2021 Aura

  1. Anemia and hair loss
    Dermatologists warn people: Depigmenting cosmetic preparations contain toxic chemicals such as inorganic mercury salts and hydroquinone, and long-term use is potentially harmful to the human body.
长期化妆对身体有危害吗 第5张

Commonly the mercury in some soaps and skin lightening creams is mercury chloride or mercury iodide. Scientific research shows that both organic and inorganic mercury are easily absorbed by normal skin. Therefore, if the whitening cosmetics are applied 2-4 times a day, the chronic accumulation effect of mercury cannot be underestimated. Medical research has shown that the local toxicity of mercury can accumulate heavy metals in the skin, sometimes causing hyperpigmentation and contact dermatitis of the face and neck. In addition, the potential harm of mercury to the whole body can cause weight loss, fatigue, anemia, hair loss, stomatitis, kidney damage? Points like proteinuria? Xuehe has central nervous system symptoms (such as headache) and so on.

长期化妆对身体有危害吗 第6张

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