Preservatives, decolorants, and fragrances in cosmetics should not exceed the standard(4)

12/10/2021 Aura

  1. Endocrine disorders
    Some young women like to use ointments such as Quyansong instead of cosmetics. As a result, their temporary pituitary gland or adrenal function is inhibited, causing endocrine disorders and causing pain to themselves. In order to make their breasts plump and more attractive, some women use estrogen-added “rich creams” for a long time, resulting in irregular menstruation, pigmentation, dark spots, skin thinning and atrophy and other adverse reactions.
长期化妆对身体有危害吗 第7张

Therefore, cosmetics containing hormones should not be used in both beauty and makeup to avoid the occurrence of “hormonal cosmetics syndrome”. When it is necessary to use cosmetics containing certain hormones for the treatment of diseases or other special circumstances, they should also be purchased and used under the guidance of a doctor. During use, if allergic symptoms and phenomena such as itching, eczema, redness, abscesses, ulcers, etc. occur, stop using it immediately.

长期化妆对身体有危害吗 第8张

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