Preservatives, decolorants, and fragrances in cosmetics should not exceed the standard(5)

12/10/2021 Aura

  1. “Lipstick Disease”
    The so-called “lipstick disease” is a cosmetic allergy caused by applying lipstick on the lips. According to the survey, about 10% of women have suffered from this disease because of applying lipstick. Lipstick is mainly composed of lanolin, wax, dyes, flavors and other ingredients. Lanolin is a natural animal fat that contains cholesterol, lanosterol and glycerolipids, which can penetrate into the skin.
长期化妆对身体有危害吗 第9张

Ingredients such as dyes and fragrances are even more complex. These substances are prone to cause allergic reactions, leading to chapped lips, peeling lip skin, suppressing swelling, and affecting the essential beauty of lips.Long-term lipstick can also affect the health of the whole body. The lanolin and wax in lipsticks have strong adsorptivity. They often adsorb suspended substances such as dust, bacteria, viruses and some heavy metal ions in the air on the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips. This not only increases the chance of causing allergies, but also It is easy to bring the lipstick and the harmful substances attached to it into the mouth when drinking water or eating, which is harmful to health.

护肤品含酒精会怎样 含酒精的护肤品有什么危害

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